When you’re putting together a wedding videography checklist for must-film moments, there are lots of little moments that will help tell the story of your wedding day.

But with all the excitement of preparing for the ceremony, there are bound to be moments you’ll wish you had gotten – so we’ve put together a handy little wedding videography checklist series!

Whether you’re going pro or DIY with Weddeo on your wedding video, these are some of the best moments you’ll want to make sure are captured.

(A little personal story from me: One of the pre-ceremony wedding moments I wish I had on video was when my bridesmaids and I were riding in the limo on the way to the church…we had a local radio station on and we all started singing the words to “Lights” by Journey – it was such a small moment, but it’s become one of my most special wedding memories with my bridesmaids. Trust me when I say that you should film more than you think you’ll need; I would love to have this moment on video now!)

In this checklist, we’ll share all of the video shots you should get the day of your wedding, before the ceremony starts…this is where you’ll set the stage for a true documentary-style wedding video. And if you’re a Weddeo bride, you’ll have lots of cameras to use, so don’t be shy about handing them out to people who will be at different locations…even a few minutes of video from each of them adds to your wedding story. (And don’t forget to tell your guests about the Weddeo app – we’ve even created some free printables for displaying at your ceremony and reception!)

Wedding Videography Checklist: Before the Ceremony

  • Bride (and groom) when they first wake up / arrive at their first location (hair salon, parents’ house, etc.)
  • Personal video messages from the bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents of the bride and groom and other special friends or family members (grandparents, childhood friends, etc.), sharing what they are most excited to see/be part of at the wedding
  • Video message from the bride to the groom (and the groom to the bride) about how they’re feeling, and what they’re most excited about for the day
  • Exterior shot of ceremony location and any signs
  • Wedding ceremony set-up activities – flowers placed at altar, aisle running being rolled out, setting up the guest book, ceremony programs set out
  • Video message from priest/pastor/wedding officiant
  • Exterior shot of reception location and any signs
  • Reception location set-up activities – centerpieces set out, place settings at tables, wedding cake on display, head table
  • Bride getting her hair and makeup done
  • Groom shaving, styling his hair
  • Bridesmaids and groomsmen getting dressed and ready – zipping up dresses, fixing ties/cufflinks, putting on shoes, adding jewelry
  • Flower girl and ring bearer getting ready, or when they first arrive
  • Bride and bridesmaid bouquets waiting to be handed out
  • Pinning on groom and groomsmen boutonnieres
  • Toasts from the bridesmaids to the bride, and groomsmen to the groom before leaving for the ceremony
  • Photographer taking pictures of the bride/groom and wedding party getting ready or before they leave for the ceremony
  • Bride (and groom) walking out to the vehicle that will take them to the ceremony
  • The drive to the ceremony location
  • The bride and groom stepping out of their vehicles as they arrive at the ceremony location

There will be lots of other spontaneous opportunities for capturing great video before the ceremony – so just be ready with your camera or phone! What other wedding videography checklist ideas would you suggest we add? List them in the comments below!


Want to make sure you get all of these wedding video must-have moments, and more? Weddeo helps you create an ultra-personal and unique wedding video – no one will tell your wedding day story like the people you know and love! Learn more about Weddeo wedding videography packages and prices to find your perfect fit.

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