Wedding video services can vary wildly, depending on how (and what) you’d like to remember from your wedding day.

There are times that a professional videographer might provide the best quality for what you’re looking to capture on video – or you might find that filming your own wedding is a viable option.

But how do you decide?

Here are a few of the pros and cons of professional and DIY wedding video services:

Professional Videographer

  • Average cost: More than $1,500 [source] – although this can quickly skyrocket based on individual videographer rates (as well as the time of year you’re getting married; rates go up during peak seasons), video editing services, how many cameras (and camera operators) you want to capture different moments of your big day, etc.
  • Pros: High-quality video filmed and produced for you, footage captured with equipment too expensive to purchase outright, additional filming and editing services usually available
  • Cons: Much higher prices for a la carte wedding video services (like multiple cameras and editing techniques), less control over footage captured at all wedding events, costs can fluctuate based on the season and how in-demand a videographer is


DIY Wedding Videography

  • Average cost: This could be practically nothing if you already own a high-quality camera that you’re planning to use, to hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a good camera, video editing software (which you also have to learn to use), camera accessories and more
  • Pros: Can be much less expensive, allows you to control what footage you want, no additional costs for capturing or editing different footage throughout the day
  • Cons: Cost of equipment you may not need or want after the wedding, number of cameras (and, therefore, wedding day footage) is limited by your budget, need to edit the video yourself afterward, one more item on your to-do list


Is your head spinning yet?

Before you start feeling like you’re stuck with either shelling out big bucks for a wedding videographer or having to add yet another task to your plate by filming your own wedding, there is a compromise: Using wedding video services like Weddeo will help you get the wedding video you’re hoping for, while keeping costs down – and without having to learn how to combine all the footage from your wedding day into one comprehensive video!

Check out our pricing packages, which include several options to meet any budget.

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