So, probably the most exciting part of planning a wedding is picking between wedding themes. I mean, I have my wedding themes picked out along with plans for pretty much my entire wedding thanks to Pinterest. It’s pretty sad because I am not even engaged…. But most, if not all, girls dream about this day. The first thought that comes to mind, besides the wedding dress (OBVI) is the theme. So are you planning a wedding? Clearly you are, because you are currently reading this. Do you not know what theme you want for your wedding? Well, aren’t you lucky because we’re going to talk about the trending wedding themes in this post!

Oh good golly I am so flipping excited for what is currently trending!! Boho chic and rustic is in! So for all you hipsters out there, this is the year to get married. Now going from homey and intimate, we are looking at the opposite end of the spectrum to romantic and luxe.

Classic elegance is making a comeback. White and/or ivory with a burst of color or metallic are a great color scheme and screams sophistication. Soft lighting and ornate table settings are a great way to display this. Use a tall candelabra as the center piece to display roses; you could even add candles to give it a very romantic look along with draping pearls around it.

There’s a lot you can do with a boho rustic wedding theme. Ummmm beer sampler? Yes. This goes with the rustic theme along with keeping your alcohol budget low; just an idea.  Wooden tables and seating are preferred with this wedding theme to give a more rustic feel compared to the original round tables. Add twinkling lights as a backdrop for a warm cozy feel; I mean, who doesn’t like twinkling lights? It’ll also give it that more intimate feeling. Flowers along with candles in lanterns make a great center piece! Muted colors are in along with purples, but earthy tones are also a good choice for this wedding themes. You know what is so great about a boho chic wedding? There are so many DIY ideas you can do to save money! Who doesn’t want to save money…?

There are so many possibilities that you could do that we didn’t even cover in this article. There are so many different decoration ideas, menu selections, invitation ideas, and much much more. But remember, a wedding theme should reflect your personality! You can even combine themes, do something completely off the wall, or go with a classic; but when it comes down to it, you do you. Have fun with it, this is your day and what’s a better way than capturing that with video footage so you are able to look back? Order Weddeo now so you are able to pull out your top quality footage to watch on anniversaries or to just reminisce! Trust me, you’re going to want to capture every moment! Plus, using Weddeo, you get a very good price so you save money!

Have fun with your planning and remember, never get too caught up in the stress that you forget to enjoy all the little moments that lead up to one of the biggest days of your life. Have fun and make memories!

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