So, we talked about weddings around Michigan, but what about around the United States? There are so many beautiful places around the United States that are perfect for your wedding reception locations that you might not have even thought of! We’re going to look at weddings on all corners of the country! From beaches to woods to churches, we will cover a little bit of everything!


Mildred B. Cooper Chapel in Bella Vista, Arkansas

For those of you who are a bit adventurous, yet traditional, the Mildred B. Cooper Chapel in Bella Vista, Arkansas is the place for you! Now, this isn’t just your normal chapel. This chapel is nestled in the woods and made completely out of glass! The architecture is absolutely stunning! The little chapel is great for a smaller wedding.


5 minutes from the Inn- wedding reception locations

Paradise Cove in Kapolei, Hawaii

For my brides with a love for the ocean, Hawaii is probably your dream destination for your big day! Paradise Cove is just one of the prettiest destinations in this state and you can find great packages on They have plenty of packages that can fit your budget and have many different options for group size and destinations. A lot of packages include catering and alcohol but some destinations vary for indoor outdoor ceremony/reception so make sure you double check before booking. This specific venue holds your ceremony and reception outdoors and catering and alcohol are provided. Paradise Cove can hold up to 1000 guests for your reception so you don’t have to worry about skimping out on invitations to fit quota! But, your ceremony can only hold 75.


Miller Farm Retreat in Parkdale, Oregon

This place is AMAZING! I’ve had the luxury to do a lot of research, and I mean a lot, to find the perfect wedding reception locations, in the woods, in north eastern Michigan. You wouldn’t think it would be this difficult but oh it is. You can have a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony and reception as well as a place for all your friends and fam to stay! Check out the website for more details!


Hoyt Arboretum in Portland, Oregon

This natural beauty is a great place for your wedding ceremony! This park allows up to 100 guests for the ceremony and you are able to make reservations for the whole day (8am-9pm) for $201! Talk about a steal… The only draw back to this is you do not have electricity, water, and bathrooms so you may want to consider having your reception somewhere else. If you are worried about how your elderly family will get to the location, don’t worry any longer because the park will drive them!


Silver Swan Bayside in Sherwood, Maryland

This is a beautiful oceanfront venue! You can have a breathtaking ceremony with the ocean as your backdrop and then party at your reception with a beautiful area for your reception with a lit pavillion! They accommodate up to 230 guests for a cocktail-themed event or up to 200 for a seated event, so whatever floats your boat!


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