I can’t lie: I love a wedding photo booth at a reception! Silly pictures of the people you love most, decked out in super ridiculous hats and outfits – what’s not to love?

But these can get pricey – most start at around $500 for just a couple of hours, and that’s without the fun stuff like props or prints. And if you’re on a budget, it’s usually an expense that doesn’t make it past the wish list.

What if you could get the photo booth result for less, and even customize it to your wedding theme?

Here are some fun ways to incorporate this element into your wedding and keep more cash for other expenses:

Set a few (small) props on each table.

This could be anything from face masks and Mardi Gras beads (or other silly necklaces) to top hats and fascinators…pretty much anything that your imagination can come up with, and you can even plan it with your theme! For example: One of our Weddeo couples had a Batman theme for their wedding; how fun would it have been to have face masks to represent Catwoman, Batman and Robin, top hats for the Penguin, etc.?

Bonus: Guests don’t even have to leave the table to participate, and it’s a great way to pass the time while you’re waiting for dinner to start!

Create your own wedding photo booth!

If you can spare a wall or small area of your reception location, you can set up a truly one-of-a-kind photo booth space – and it’s only limited by your imagination!

From a simple solid-colored sheet hung on a wall to cool chairs and couches for guests to pose on, it’s actually rather easy to create an amazing background for guests to have a little fun with. This post from Bustle has a roundup of some truly unique and fun ideas for creating incredible DIY wedding photo booths. (Just be sure to clear it with your reception location first if you’ll be hanging up any backgrounds or otherwise attaching anything to their walls.)

Look for unique ways to source your props.

It’s almost Halloween – which means that in a couple of weeks, stores will be practically giving away their leftover costume accessories. Use this to your advantage and look for the one-off items that guests could have some fun with; hats and face masks are always a safe bet, but what about wands? Plastic shields and swords? There are tons of options!

Or do you have some kids in your life that like to play pretend? See if you can raid their dress-up box for fun things like superhero capes, railroad conductor or construction hats and more – let your guests channel their playful side and feel like a kid again!

If you’re feeling crafty, you could even make your own props, like little mustaches or lips on sticks – Something Turquoise shows you how to make DIY wedding photo props on their blog.

The ultimate props – Flat Bride and Groom!

One of my best friends (and one of the inspirations for our business!) had this fun idea: She and her groom dressed up in their dress and suit a few weeks ahead of the wedding (obviously, they didn’t mind seeing each other in their wedding outfits beforehand!), took a picture together and had life-size cardboard cutouts printed at their local print shop. The cutouts were on display all throughout the reception, and we all had a blast posing and being silly with them all night. Great fun!

Another idea: Get printed cutouts of the bride and groom’s faces for a similar effect…hilarious! Fathead is one example that does this for a really reasonable rate. (They didn’t pay or ask us to mention them – I just love sharing Michigan and Detroit businesses!)

Hmm…now what’s missing?

Oh, right – the actual “photo” part of the DIY wedding photo booth!

Well, that’s where we make it easy for you: When your guest use our HD cameras and our Weddeo app (which is free for anyone to download and use!), you’re able to get more than just pictures – you’ll have the reactions of your guests wearing these props, as well as their interaction with your other friends and family while wearing them…that’s something that no photo could ever truly capture!

And the best part? We’ll add these fun shots to your final edited wedding video, so all the great moments from your wedding are all in one place.

We hope this will inspire you to create an amazing photo (and video!) experience for your wedding! Are you planning to DIY your wedding photo booth? Let us know in the comments below!


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What is a Weddeo DIY wedding video?  Watch below.


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