What’s so great about a wedding memory book?

After everything is all said and done – the thank you notes are in the mail, you’re back from your honeymoon, and you can finally breathe – the little but fun details that made your wedding day so unique can be easily forgotten.

That’s why it’s nice to have something that captures those little memories, separate from your official wedding photo album and your videography (which would already be taken care of with Weddeo for your affordable wedding videography solution!)…and a wedding memory book is the perfect way to do this!

Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Option 1: DIY your wedding memory book

Collect little details when you come across them, such as extra fabric from your wedding dress alterations, or leftover flower petals from decorations – then head to your nearest craft store for a photo album, decorative paper or even a pre-made album kit (the easiest option of all)!

Some other really cute ideas are to save the extra ribbon from your decorations, or even the little love notes that you and your new spouse send to each other before the ceremony. Then, just let the creative juices flow!

Option 2: The easy-breezy, ‘let’s just order a wedding memory book’ option

Let’s be honest: If you’re not one for crafting, you’re probably not going to start now! There are plenty of places online to upload those random but fun photos of your wedding prep days, organize and design your book, and order it for a decent price! (And don’t forget to add in a few captions to help explain what was happening in those photos, and why they’re such a special memory to you!)

Option 3: The somewhere-in-between, creative-yet-easy wedding memory book option

For those who still want to add a creative flair, but don’t want to do a ton of work… Etsy has some great options for pre-decorated wedding memory books that you can personalize a bit and order – and when it arrives on your doorstep, you get to decorate and organize it further as you please!

This is a great option for the busy but sentimental bride, because it’s already mostly done, but you can add your personal touch with scrapbook pages, stickers or any other physical memorabilia. It’s the best of both worlds!

I hope this article helped you see the benefit of creating your own wedding memory book…it was all the little moments that came together to make your wedding day uniquely yours – this is just one more great way to capture all those memories!

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