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Wedding Memory Book Ideas!

Wedding Memory Book Ideas!

When it comes to weddings, minimal details can be easily overlooked! After everything is all said and done, the thank you letters are in the mail, you’re back from your honeymoon, and you can finally breathe, you’re going to want to start on your wedding memory book! What’s so great about a wedding memory book? Aside from all your photos (which will be put to good use with this) and your videography (I may be biased but Weddeo is the perfect option for affordable videography!), you’re going to want something to show your friends, family, and future kids (if that’s in the plan!)! Here are some great ideas for your perfectly unique wedding memory book!

The DIY your wedding memory book option!

I know with all the hullabaloo of the wedding day, and pre-wedding shenanigans, you barely have time to breath! But try to remember to collect little details when you come across them such as extra lace from your wedding dress alterations, or grab some flowers after everything’s said and done to use for decorations! You can videography go to your nearest craft store such as Joann Fabrics (they have great coupons!) and get a photo album, and decorative paper! Some other really cute ideas are to save the extra ribbon from your decorations, and even the little love notes that you and your love send to each other before the ceremony (which is s super cute idea so you’re welcome for that!).

Then, just let the creative juices flow!


The easy breezy ‘let’s just order a wedding memory book’ option!

Let’s be honest, if you’re not one for crafting, who the heck wants to spend more time on extras when you just spent countless months planning, creating, crafting everything for your big day! There are plenty of places online you can go, upload your photos, organize and design your book, and order it for a decent price! A great option is Shutterfly! Heck, they even have an option for a wedding memory book on their website! A random idea, besides a wedding memory book, would be creating a guest book with all your engagement photos into for your guests to sign in with!


The somewhere between creative and lazy wedding memory book option!

Here’s an option for those who still want to add a creative flair, but don’t want to do a ton of work… Etsy has some great option for already decorated wedding memory books that you can personalize somewhat and order, then you get to decorate and organize as you please! This kind of gives you the best of both worlds! For this, you can personalize it with scrapbook pages and those cute little stickers that they sell at Joann’s or any craft store really! Just like in the first option, I would save little scraps like pieces of lace from your dress from alterations, scraps of ribbon, flowers from your bouquet, any little decoration scraps really!
I hope this article helped a tad with your wedding memory book ventures! But don’t forget that one of the best ways to remember your big day is with a wedding video! There is nothing like popping in your video to bring you back to one of the best days of your life! Be sure to check out the affordable packages in the Packages and Pricing link to figure out which package best fits your needs!


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