Some brides may really have their heart set on that popular song on the radio, unfortunately – it’s not royalty free. So, how do you find the perfect music for your wedding video? Simple. We’ve scoured the internet for a few services that might be able to help you create the perfect wedding video. From wedding videography that doesn’t break the bank to songs that also fit in your budget – we want to help you pick the perfect wedding video song to highlight your big day. No matter if you are a hopeless romantic, into all that is timeless music, love something a little edgy, or just want a cool upbeat wedding music video song – Weddeo has got you covered!

The Wedding Videography Package That Doesn’t Break The Bank

First: Check out Second: Pick the package you want. In the event that you aren’t sure exactly what to get – just get in touch. We can help you decide which package suits your wedding. Third: Pair it with a song from and you’ve got the perfect wedding video combination! If you want some suggestions on songs for wedding videos, below are some great tracks to help you get your wedding song search started.

For The Couple That Has Their Heart Set On Romantic Songs

While some couples can really get into indie music, some couples just really have their heart set on something popular. Maybe your ‘song’ is a really popular song or on the charts. Maybe you just want something beautiful that summarizes who you are as a couple. The best part about this service: you can play the songs before you choose to download. There are a plethora of really romantic songs like I’m So In Love With You by Kelsey Lewis or In Love by Adrian Sood. We couldn’t help but love these songs because they make you feel so ‘in love’.

For The Couple That Wants Something Timeless

There’s Only You by Caleb Ethridge is a beautiful instrumental piece. Timeless and classic, just like you, this song will highlight any elegant wedding or a couple that is minimalist. Fools in Love by Nathan Angelo has one soulful beat that is as classic and timeless as songs come for two people in love. Timeless music is beautiful for any style wedding and is a beautiful higlight to any wedding video.

When You Want A Totally Yours Wedding Song 

For the totally unique couple at heart, these songs are for you! Beautiful for a destination wedding or an evening wedding under the stars these songs are as unique as you are as a couple. When you want a song that is totally you check out Inspirational Wedding by Mark Strong or Never Stop (Wedding Version) by SafetySuit. Both of these songs scream ‘Best. Wedding. Video. Ever!’

For The Sentimental, Fun Loving Couple At Heart

There are some seriously sweet songs on this service that really burst with sentimental, cheesy lyrics. If that’s the kind of couple you are, check out Marry You by Brad Passons. Happy Moment by Draganov Veacelsav is another adorable, bright and cheerful little tune. Great for the quirky, fun loving couple. Do It All Again by Maggy McClure is another bright tune that is perfect for an outdoor wedding or vintage/garden theme – this tune gives you a little happy chill down your spine. When you say ‘I do’ you cannot go wrong with these songs as the backing track to your wedding video.

No matter what kind of wedding couple you are, Weddeo is here to help you create a timeless wedding video that will last a lifetime with only the most awesome music highlighting your ‘I do’.

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