Weddings are expensive. After paying for just the dress, your wallet is probably already screaming for you to find some inexpensive wedding ideas.

(Or maybe that’s just you doing the screaming.)

But you don’t have to scream, because there are a million ways for you to cut down on cost and still have an extremely beautiful wedding. There’s a whole slew of inexpensive wedding ideas at your fingertips, but it’s easy to jump on Pinterest and instantly become totally overwhelmed (especially for some of us that are not as artistically inclined).

We’ve shared a few ideas before on our blog on how to cut wedding costs (so you can splurge on something else!), but here are a few more inexpensive wedding ideas that won’t take a degree in fine art to complete!


Mason jar centerpieces: Perhaps one of our favorite Inexpensive wedding ideas. All you need is a package or two of mason jars, some twine or ribbon and then something to put inside! You can place stones, (fake) flowers, or even a floating candle. Here’s one of our favorites.

Mod Podge glitter vases: If you’re going for a bit of glam, this might be one of your best bets for inexpensive wedding ideas! All you need is mason jars, mod podge, glitter, and candles. Check it out here.

Cake Cake Cake

Cupcake tier: Definitely a favorite inexpensive wedding idea if you’re not wedded (ha!) to the idea of a traditional wedding cake. Cupcakes can be made in bunches; if you really want to keep your budget in check – and have a little fun with your girls – get your bridesmaids together for a baking day and bake up enough to build into a tier! It’s the wedding cake feel without the cost. Here are some great ideas for this.

Ice cream bar: If you’re okay with forgoing a traditional wedding cake and really want to get creative, an ice cream bar is such a fun option! Depending on the number of guests, ice cream toppings can go a long way and will end up being far less expensive than a big ol’ wedding cake. Of course, this is an especially great option if you or your spouse-to-be aren’t crazy about cake!

Reception Extras

DIY photobooth: It’s a photobooth with a twist! Search online for a Polaroid camera and film. Grab some goofy accessories from the party store (feather boas are a MUST!), hang a few large pieces of wrapping paper (for a backdrop) and you’ve made yourself a makeshift photobooth! More ideas on how to create a DIY photobooth are in our blog. Just make sure you have your guests filming the goofy experience for your wedding video!

Ribbon chairs: If you like the look of chair covers for the reception, but not the cost, one of the most inexpensive wedding ideas for the wedding reception is learning how to create ribbon chairs. Just wrap some patterned or colored ribbon around the chairs – it’s easy to DIY and insanely inexpensive. Check out these DIY ribbon chairs!

Clothesline picture decoration: Another inexpensive wedding idea (that’s also highly personal) is creating a clothesline picture decoration. Hang some string with some clothes pins and pin up a time line of some of your favorite memories with your hubby-to-be! Here’s how to create your own clothesline picture wedding decoration.

There you have it – some great options for inexpensive wedding ideas! What other ideas have you seen? Share them in the comments below!


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