If you gushed when the world watched Paris Hilton’s proposal video, then this blog is for you! Sincerely sweet, engagement videos are the perfect way to make the rest of the world gush with romance. This really is the new way to get engaged. From the moment he popped the question to your epic send-off, wedding videography is evolving into something spectacular. If you’ve ever dreamed of staring in your own Hollywood movie this is the perfect way to live your dreams – do it from the moment you say ‘I do’!

Choose A Video Style

Be creative. You can do a proposal if that’s your style. You can also have some amazing editor’s make you anything from a music video to a film trailer. Some other cool video styles include a documentary style engagement tale, Hollywood inspired Save The Date video that features your engagement, stop-motion video – get creative and think outside the box. A really cool idea would be to create a mixed-media wedding video that starts with your proposal. Professional film editors really can make all of your wedding video dreams come true.

Talk Shop With The Professionals

There are loads of different ways you can film your wedding video or wedding proposal. However, the best way is to get in touch with Weddeo. We can help you pull off the proposal of a lifetime, and edit your video to something so very special. Most brides go without a wedding video, because of the high cost. It’s a great inexpensive wedding idea. Why not talk to our professional wedding videography team about a package that can help you capture the proposal and the big day. No matter what you’re looking for we can give you the amazing high definition video of your dreams. You can learn more about what Weddeo has to offer here https://getweddeo.com/.

Pick The Perfect Spot

Be sure to do a sample shoot for the day. Sunlight can hit in certain areas at certain times. If you can time it right, the golden hour will give you the best light. The golden hour can be found by checking the sunrise and sunset in your area. One hour after sunrise and one hour before will yield the best hues for your proposal. A great way to really plan your engagement video is to include your bride to be’s besties.

Get Your Bride’s Girls In On The Fun

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These are the girls who know your girl the best. Her best friends and close family are there to help, so don’t be afraid to reach out and get some great advice. If you’ve got it all planned out yourself, simply get in touch with them to ask if they’d help you orchestrate the surprise elements of the engagement. From special locations to actually shooting the video, friends and family will jump at the chance to help you pop the big question.

From “will you” to “I do” Weddeo will help you tell your love story and record the most precious moments of your proposal. We want you to have some sincerely sweet wedding memories you can enjoy forever. 

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