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  Thank you for your payment! Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you.  

Begin Here:

Fill out the wedding survey in your email so we can gather wedding date and information needed to set up your Weddeo app passcode!     You can also click here: Wedding Date/Info Survey  

So what’s next?

Before your wedding:

Mark it on your calendar – look for your Weddeo camera(s) to arrive on your doorstep 4-7 days prior to your wedding day.

Check your email-  look in your email to confirm the Awebber Weddeo list for all the instructions, tips and tricks you will need to get the most out of your Weddeo Experience.

Sign up for our e-newsletter, subscribe to our blog and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! We’ll keep you updated with more info that will help you get the most out of your Weddeo experience, and we love to share all of the coolest wedding ideas, tips and tricks, suggestions and other fun items that we find.

In the meantime, start thinking of (and asking) the people you’d like to help film. Some good suggestions: groomsmen (they gotta have SOMEthing to do!), loved ones who don’t otherwise have a major role in the wedding (but would like to be part of it), or friends who you know are especially good with a video or still camera.

Feeling shy about asking? Don’t be – most people like to feel helpful at a wedding, and will probably be honored that you asked them to film this most special day in your life! 

If you have a camera package… elect someone to be in charge of returning the Weddeo camera(s) the day after your wedding. You have up to 5 days for the videos to be postmarked, but hey, we know how hectic things can be even after the wedding – we’ve found it’s best to put a trusted friend or relative in charge of this to avoid late fees…plus, we want to get your wedding footage back to you quickly!

After your wedding:

If you have a camera package… as soon as we receive the Weddeo camera(s) back (remember: make sure they’re in the mail no later than 5 days after your wedding!), we’ll get right to work on them – get ready to share the memories of your wedding day!

Send us any cool pictures you’d like to have included in your video, up to 1 week after your wedding; we’ll do our best to include them!

And of course, at any time, give us a shout if you’d like to upgrade your video package or further customize it; we love to make our customers happy.

Thanks again for choosing Weddeo – and happy wedding to you!

Kate and Nick @ Weddeo  

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