Summer is just around the corner, and with the promise of rising temperatures, the desire for that short and chic hairstyle you found on pinterest  last week is not only sounding like the more convenient option, but one that could truly embody your person style. But with wedding season lining up, it is understandable why this move could be potentially anxiety provoking. Luckily, there’s a myriad of options for short wedding hairstyles that will not only formalize a short “every-day look,” but will be the perfect touch to your overall wedding look.

As someone with hair that lays midway between my chin and shoulder blade, I understand more than anyone how the idea of transforming my everyday short hair into wedding-ready hair can quickly become frustrating. But with a bit of research, and trial and error, I have found that these things have worked best for me in almost any formal event:

Focus On Curls
On an average day, I typically wear my hair sleek and straight. Whenever I find myself looking to get a bit more dressed up, though, I throw a few curls in, to add not only dimension to my short hair, but to “dress it up” a bit. This is one of my favorite ‘go-to’ short wedding hairstyles because I can get away with a messier look while still looking formal and put-together. If you’re an attendee, use a curling wand or a flat iron to add some beachy (or even more curly) waves. If you’re the bride, you can do the same.

Go Vintage
If a simple set of curls may not be your style, you do not have to stop there. With emphasis on a more “vintage” style for weddings, it might suit you well to play around with pin curls or other vintage short wedding hairstyles. Luckily, much of what is considered “vintage” includes options for short hair. If pin curls are not an option, play around with a headband with vintage flair, like this one: (

Play Around with Braids and Accessories
If your hair is long enough, adding one or two subtle braids amongst curls or another style, could be the perfect amount of flair needed for short wedding hairstyles. This can be done by creating a “halo” effect where the braids drape across each side of the head ( or draws attention to a more dramatic accessory ( If you hair is not long enough for a braid, though, try out a headband, flower, or other hair piece. These things, can instantly transform everyday short hair into wedding-ready, short hair.

Overall, do your research, because the perfect look for you is out there. While I love my short hair, I have found it extremely frustrating at times, since it seems as though my options become a bit more limited. I have found, though, that with research, an open mind, and a bit of creativity, I have the ability to transform my hair into something fun and beautiful with little to no effort at all.

Plus, if Audrey Hepburn could pull off one of the most beautiful short wedding hairstyles of all time, you can too.(

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