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Let me tell you, doing my research on this topic was super overwhelming with all that’s trending for popular wedding dress styles 2016. But that leaves you brides with a lot for consideration! Though some of you may think that’s not a good thing haha! There are a lot of new styles that are popping up for wedding dress styles 2016! But, you’re going to find a lot of traditional wedding styles making an appearance (they’re oldies but goodies!).

So, can we talk about this feather situation? Feathers are becoming a huge trend for wedding dress styles 2016. With the boho, hipster style seizing society, this doesn’t really come as a huge shock. This trend is definitely more for the bold bride who’s not afraid make a statement! You can thank Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier, Naeem Khan, and Alon Livne for this trend!

What other popular wedding dress styles 2016 are being walked down the runway?

Another popular trend making an appearance for wedding dress styles 2016 would be 3D effect! You can take that lace and embroidery and throw it out the window because 3D flowers or butterflies are the next big thing! Not only 3D flowers are appearing down the runway but big flower embellishments are showing up as well.

You know how trends usually go through a fashion cycle? They end up disappearing and reappearing back years later? Well reappearing back for popular wedding dress styles 2016 are sleeves! Whether they be a cap sleeve or all the way to the traditional long sleeves, they are currently trending! I personally think it’s a trend that should stay around for a while! I love the classic long sleeves with a modern open back.

Now a girl has to have her wedding accessories am I right?

Now another trend for popular wedding dress styles 2016 are body veils. So ,with the veils being taken off the head and moved to the dress, what are you gonna wear? Hair jewelry! Embrace your inner princess! I mean your big day is your day and you should feel nothing less of a princess! Sparkly head dresses are making an appearance on the runway for this year and I gotta say, I’m really liking the goddess like trend!

So in conclusion, there are a lot of trends for popular wedding dress styles 2016! Getting the perfect dress is definitely one of the most important aspects of the wedding because the perfect dress sets off how you feel and you deserve to feel nothing less of a princess on your wedding day! Seeing your soon to be husband’s face when he first lays eyes on you in your wedding dress is one of the most special moments and what better way to capture it than a Weddeo video?! From our new app to our other packages, there are many ways to capture every moment of your big day!


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