It’s finally May, and in just a matter of weeks, wedding season will be upon us. Even though it may not be YOUR big day, you may be feeling the tension of locating the perfect wedding gift for your loved one. And perhaps you’re a perfectionist, like me, that is determined to buy your friend the most unique wedding gift; something that no one else would think of. And if you’re anything like me, you may feel the immediate dread of the daunting search that may lie ahead. Fortunately, when locating a perfect, yet unique wedding gift, I found that all you need to do is P-L-A-N.

A gift with a bit of personality, or one that is specifically designed for the bride and groom, might be the number one unique wedding gift. Since its design and personal flair comes from your imagination, its uniqueness can not be beat. Is there a famous quote that is close to the couple’s heart? Find someone you know that does calligraphy and frame it. Are they avid dog-lovers? Pick up that puppy ornament for their first Christmas together. These things fall outside the realm of typical, while also being simple and relatively easy to obtain.

You know that old Betty Crocker cookbook that is sitting in your Grandmother’s kitchen with the browned pages? Or your great grandmother’s rolling pin that is perched up above your mother’s kitchen sink? These household items are things that have been passed down through numerous generations and add life to a household. With this idea, you can be a part of generating a new item to be passed down for the future generations of the new family. Purchasing a new cookbook with a hand written note explaining the new tradition could be another unique wedding gift idea that many others may not think of.

A- Make it ARTISTIC 
If you happen to be the more artistic type, you can utilize these skills to create another unique wedding gift. If you’re a painter, paint a canvas that the newlyweds can hang in their new apartment. If you’re a photographer, snap photos of the couple’s favorite local get-away spot. Whatever your craft may be, take hold of it, because nothing says originality like the work that YOU create.

With these ideas, the consideration of a more necessary, yet unique wedding gift should not be overlooked. While this might seem to be one of the less unique options, especially since you know that your Aunt is buying your sister a new Kuerig for her special day, you have the ability to make more necessary and usable items into unique staple pieces in the newlywed’s home. For example, instead of buying the couple a new set of wine glasses, buy them the same glasses with their names etched onto the outside. Or buy them cake tins with the necessary ingredients to make a chocolate cake, since you know that chocolate cakes are your sister’s favorite thing to bake. A little bit of additional thought can make the standard wedding gift into a unique wedding gift.

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