Now that you’re engaged and officially ready to plan your wedding, it’s time to design a dream wedding video…one that will capture all the details you’ve been dreaming about for so long.

Here are some of our top tips to design a dream wedding video:

Start with the big picture. Think ahead to when you’re celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary. Maybe you’re at a big party with all of your friends and family, or it’s just the two of you, snuggled up and ready to re-live the best day of your lives. What do you want to see? You and your bridesmaids getting ready for the big day? Your groom’s face just as you’re walking down the aisle? Your grandparents dancing? The way your cake-cutting ceremony turned into an epic food fight? Thinking about these elements now (and then creating a list of them) will help make sure your wedding video DVD has all the most important memories for you.

Talk with your videographer about what’s most important to you. When they know what will make you happiest, they’ll know what to look for and might even be able to help arrange some of the most video-worthy situations to help design a dream wedding video.

Make your wedding and reception video-friendly. Spend some time in both spaces and try to visualize how everything will be set up. Are there any large or oddly-shaped items that might be in the way for the big moments? Will it be easy for your videographer to get some great shots without interrupting the action? Does your videographer know where you would be okay with him/her standing to get the best footage during crucial moments like the ring exchange, first kiss and wedding toasts? While part of your videographer’s job is to figure these out, a little extra communication never hurts.

Designate a photo-savvy friend to look for great shots. Almost everyone has one – that friend that just has an eye for photography and seems to always get great shots, no matter the situation. If they’ll be at your wedding, ask them if they would be willing to keep an eye out for any especially amazing opportunities as they occur at your wedding – and then have them notify your videographer. (It might also help to let your videographer know that you’ve appointed someone to this role, so he/she knows this person has your blessing to provide these tips!)

Don’t forget the little moments. In our experience, we’ve found that it’s the little moments that often tell the story of your wedding day. From singing along with your girls on the way to the ceremony to your brother and your father both doing the worm on the dance floor in their tuxes (true story), it’s these crazy little elements that you often find yourself remembering the most – and wanting to see again. Even if you have a professional videographer, might we suggest having a few extra cameras on hand to capture these memories? We offer a range of Weddeo camera packages to fit your wedding budget.

What else do you think is important to design a dream wedding video?

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