You need a cheap wedding video. We know. We’ve been there.

The average cost of a wedding videographer is more than $1,500 [source], but your budget says that’s just not possible.

Combined with the expenses of must-have items – such as, oh, I don’t know, ceremony and reception space, food and a dress – it’s no wonder that many couples end up cutting out wedding videography from their budget!

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Filming your own wedding video is an option more and more couples are choosing for their wedding.

But how can you film your wedding cheaply…without it looking cheap?

Here are some tips:

Get closer. It’s fine to use the zoom function on a video camera, but the farther away the camera is (and the more zooming you have to do), the lower the quality of the video. Get closer to the action without interfering in it. Another benefit of getting closer? Better audio quality.

Stay steady. Great video can be compromised by an unsteady hand. To help combat this, consider using a tripod, or prop up your arm on the back of a chair placed in front of you. If neither are an option, try supporting the elbow of the hand holding the camera with your opposite hand.

Move slowly and smoothly. When moving the camera around – perhaps to capture a room full of guests, the wedding party during the ceremony or some of the scenery – make sure to move the camera in a slow and fluid motion. Whipping the camera back and forth makes it more difficult to capture the scene you’re trying to film, and you’re much more likely to end up with shaky or sloppy video. Move slower than you think you need to!

Focus on the bride. Sorry, fellas; we definitely want some footage of you, too – but when in doubt, your appointed videographer(s) should point the camera toward the bride. So much of the emotion of the day will likely be expressed through her, and most grooms agree that they would like more video of their beautiful bride.

Following these steps should greatly increase your chances of getting good quality yet cheap wedding video with the help of a few family members or friends!

Ready to make this happen for your wedding (and budget)? Find out how Weddeo can help create high-quality DIY wedding video with HD video cameras and a free app for compiling all of the fun footage from your family and friends into one beautiful keepsake DVD.

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