Do you know how much stress wedding planning can cause? A lot! Back when I was in school, I had a biology teacher who would randomly do brain breaks in the middle of a lecture to give us some rest time and help us regroup! Well, guess what, planning an affordable wedding calls for some good brain breaks too! This article is quite a fun one, even though I think they all are! Here are some of the funniest wedding videos to make you laugh, and maybe give you some ideas on what to not try at your DIY wedding haha!


Best Wedding Fail Compilation HD

Here’s the first funniest wedding video!


10 Wedding FAILS

My most horrifying, and my favorite, snippet in this video is the first clip….. The poor bride haha! Definitely one of my favorite funniest wedding videos!



10 Marriage Proposal FAILS

Ok, I cringed at every single snippet in this video….. I feel sorry for some of these potential grooms!


Wedding FAILS HD

They called this a wedding fail, but I’d call it a wedding win!! Definitely a…different….wedding ceremony but it sure was interesting to watch!

There were some cringe-worthy videos for sure in each of these links! I’m not gonna lie, some of the snippets had me gasping in disbelief and then others had me laughing out loud! Good footage, bad footage, video it all with Weddeo and lets us put together a video you’ll never forget (hopefully for good reasons haha!)! Be sure to click on the wedding videography Packages and Pricing link to check out what package best fits your needs! Happy planning!


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