Friends just got engaged? The question always arises if you should bring a gift to an engagement party. The answer? You really don’t have to, but it is more proper, especially if you got an official invitation through the mail; then you should probably get something. There are so many many different possibilities and cute little knick knacks you can get the bride and groom to be! Here are a few ideas you can look at and potentially use!

The Memorable Engagement Gift!

  • A great engagement gift to get the couple would be ordering the app package from Weddeo! The couple would be able to capture all the memories whether they be big or small from the beginning of the engagement all the way to the honeymoon! This gives the couple a chance to remember all the moments that lead up to their big day and even after and be able to cherish the memories for the rest of their life! This would be even more ideal if you happen to know about the proposal before it happened so you could purchase the app package and be able to get the proposal on film! At the very affordable cost of $99, you can’t go wrong and the couple will be forever thankful!

The Creative Engagement Gift!

  • If the date for the big day is already set, a really cute idea for an engagement gift  would be to get a picture frame made up with the day the couple met, the day of the first date (if it’s different from the day the couple met), the day of the proposal, and then the day of the big day! It is cute and simple as well as cheap!
  • For another DIY engagement gift, it would be adorable if you got two plain cups and wrote in sharpie “Mr.” and “Mrs.” or something cute like “He likes his coffee black” and “She likes her tea sweet” something cute that the soon to be wed couple can add to when they move into their new life together.

The Edible Engagement Gift!

  • A bottle of wine or champagne is always a safe route to go for an engagement gift! It is a small gesture if you are on the fence about buying a gift or not.  It is affordable and the couple would always enjoy it!
  • Chocolate covered strawberries with designs of a bride and groom are always a cute and delicious gesture.

The Thoughtful Engagement Gift!

  • An engagement gift that no one really thinks about is a wedding organizer! Wedding brain is soon underway and the bride to be is sure going to need something to remember all the small details! The Knot ( sells an organizer filled with checklists, calendars, etiquette, budget worksheets and answers to the most frequently asked wedding questions!

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