Think back to when you first started wedding planning, and the topic of getting a wedding video came up. It’s likely that one of you probably asked:

“Do we really need a wedding video?”

This can be such a hard question to answer, right? It’s hard to know what you’ll want in the future – especially if money is starting to fly out of your bank account faster than you had planned, and dropping another $2,000 (or more) on a videographer seems either impossible or just a waste of money. After all, who really watches their wedding video more than once, right?

But at the same time…as your wedding date creeps closer and closer, you can’t help but have this nagging feeling that you’re going to regret not having video of one of the biggest days of your life.

That you’ll wish you could hear the person you love more than anyone else in the world, promise to love you back forever.

That you could see your grandparents dancing so sweetly together at your reception.

That you could hear the shouts and cheers of all the people you love, all together in the same place at the same time, as you’re announced as a married couple for the first time.

Did I totally just read your mind right now?

If so, then I think you already know the answer:

You know these are the moments that you’ll never get back again, and a still photo or your memory just won’t do them justice – so it’s worth it to have these captured forever on video.

The truth is, in the 21st century, we’re capturing video of EVERYTHING – we all have a video camera right in our hands with our cell phones, and now it’s just as easy to get video of our daily lives as it is to get a photo. Seriously, how many videos have you taken of your pet, or IG Stories have you created just in the past week or month? 

So the real question is: Why wouldn’t you get video of your wedding day?

Now, there might still be that pesky little problem called YOUR BUDGET. And if that is the last stopper in getting a wedding video, we have great news for you: there’s another solution.

We created Weddeo (get it, Wedding + Video = Weddeo ;)) so that EVERYONE can have a video of their wedding day memories that is both easy and affordable. We missed it with our wedding and we are on a mission to make sure that no other couples have to give up capturing their once-in-a-lifetime wedding day simply because of the high cost of weddings…

There are a couple of options, but the basics of how Weddeo works is we take out the “videographer” element and ship YOU our handheld HD cameras right to your door, plus our free app makes it easy for your friends and family to upload and share videos they captured on their phones. This has the added bonus of giving you a peek into their perspectives of your wedding day – even those moments you maybe didn’t know happened! From there, our editors take all of the videos and create a high-quality, professionally edited, and totally unique video of your wedding day.  

And did we mention the crazy-affordable price?

Check out our package options to find the perfect fit for your wedding – or you can call or chat with us anytime; we’re here to help!

Maybe you want to see what a Weddeo wedding video looks like? Watch one here! 

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