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Stop with the excuses! The expensive price ticket on wedding videography has been defeated with the innovation of DIY wedding videography! Typically wedding videography is stupidly expensive….. Honestly, it’s a bit ridiculous… BUT, guess what?! Expensive professional videography is a thing of the past for other people!! Weddeo offers DIY wedding videography with professional editing that fits the budget of the rest of us!


Why do it yourself wedding videography? There are so many reasons why this option is so much better! Besides the fact that you save a crazy amount of money, there are a multitude of reasons why you need to go the Weddeo route! With DIY wedding videography you are able to get a million more memories than you would’ve with a normal videographer. I mean, think about it… is the videographer going to be able to get video of you and your bridesmaids getting your hair and makeup done, or the rehearsal? You’re able to capture so many more memories that would normally be left out! You are in charge of your own wedding video! You pick who you trust most to take the video, you decide what gets captured, you call the shots.

DIY wedding videography

Wanna know the best part about do it yourself video with Weddeo? We have an app! Now, you’re probably thinking, “what might this app do?” Well, let me tell you! The Weddeo app is a really cool tool that allows your guests to capture every part of your wedding, parts that you might not even have experienced yourself! It also gives them the opportunity to give a shout out/message for you! To continue on with the coolness, you love birds would be able to capture video with the app from the proposal, all the way up to your honeymoon to be added to your wedding video! HOW FREAKING COOL?! You wouldn’t get that with a normal wedding videographer!


Well now that we got that settled, you can click on the packages and pricing links and see what package best satisfies your wants and needs! There are so many amazing reasons to go with do it yourself wedding videography, why would you choose differently? After all your memories are captured, our team at Weddeo are ecstatic to edit and put together your memories that will last you a lifetime! We would be honored to capture the beginning of your forever!


Don’t forget to capture the whole story of your wedding day! You can capture it with the Weddeo app or one of the professional HD cameras that we provide! Click on the “Packages and Pricing” link  to check out our packages!

Learn more about Weddeo here!


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