The DIY world can spark a million amazing ideas (and maybe even a few completed projects!) – but is it crazy to consider DIY wedding video?

If you’re anything like me, you get caught up in DIY very frequently…but I also know that DIY can quickly lead to OMG – and, when it involves your wedding, one of your largest sources of anxiety. (As if you need any more around your wedding day!)

But chances are that if you’re already a DIY bride, what you want more than anything is a wedding that really speaks to who you and your groom really are. So why not take that same attitude when it comes to your wedding video?

DIY wedding video is one of the best ways to make the memories of your wedding – the ones that will last forever in video – truly personal and uniquely you. Here are some ways to not only make this concept work for you, but also make your wedding video totally amazing!

1. Go with a themeHighlight Website Slider Clip Hanna Picture
As the years go by, when you watch your wedding video, would you like it to be comprised of the big moments? Or maybe the smaller, harder-to-capture moments? Deciding on – and telling everyone about – this “theme” upfront can help organize your content and have you and your guests knowing exactly when to pull out the cameras or phones along the way.

If a more intimate theme is what you’re looking for, your bridesmaids can know that getting the look on your face as you pull out your dress on the big day is a moment that needs to be captured. And if you’d rather see more of the classic images of you walking down the aisle, or having your first dance, they’ll know that too. Deciding on a theme for your DIY wedding video upfront ensures that no memory will go undocumented.

2. Think about video diaries and other alternatives
Perhaps in addition to capturing the small moments, you might encourage your guests, your wedding party, and your future spouse to capture video diary moments for your DIY wedding video. By using the Weddeo app, each guest has the opportunity to record themselves giving well-wishes or commentary that can be uploaded and incorporated into your DIY wedding video.

Consider capturing your own emotions too during the process: you can record your thoughts, feelings, and messages to the groom as you prepare yourself to walk down the aisle. Those intimate thoughts will likely be something you’ll want to reflect on for years to come.

3. Don’t limit yourself to just the wedding day
There is so much more that goes into the wedding process than just the big day itself – many moments of planning (and treating yourself) that go into the fun of the entire experience. And these moments are definitely DIY wedding video-worthy!

Think about using the Weddeo app to film footage of you and your bridesmaids putting together favors, getting pedicures, opening gifts at the bridal shower, or – if you’re really thinking ahead – even the proposal! These memories often go overlooked …but they’re definitely going to be memories you’ll want to see again.

blog74. Capture the groom!
It’s easy to focus on the bride and her ‘maids, since this is where a lot of the “action” may be happening – but don’t underestimate the great footage of the groom and his groomsmen! Not only will your groom also be able to enjoy his part in your DIY wedding video, but you might even get a few laughs as you watch him and his friends act just as nervously as you did. Although he may not be engaging in the hair and makeup processes, his endeavors are just as noteworthy.

5. Relax!
If you do a little planning ahead of time, your DIY wedding video might actually be the least of your concerns. Weddeo makes it easy with high-quality HD cameras shipped right to your door, as well as an app that allows for anyone to upload content from their smartphones, so it can’t really be messed up.

Terri 488bThe beauty of a DIY wedding video is that it is already uniquely you, because you get to choose the most important moments to be filmed. By allowing you to take charge of this process, you get to remember your wedding the way you actually remember it.

So sit back, relax, and know that at least this piece is taken care of.


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