How do you design your dream wedding video!? Where do you even start when designing your dream wedding video? With Weddeo, we give you the opportunity to get creative and be unique! But for those of you who aren’t in touch with your creative side, you may be asking yourself, “where do I even begin?” Here are a few angles (literally) that you probably didn’t think about when it comes to wedding video making….


Random shots

Pretty venue? Take shots of the different features of the venue, the scenery, the wind making the flowers dance, it sounds silly but all these shots added together make for a really cute intro to a wedding video. If you are able to, get video of both the bride and groom dancing in a field, or running, laughing! These shots add a lot of feeling to the video and gives a different flare. Get shots of all the pre wedding fun like shots of the bride and groom writing love letters to each other! Get small snippets of the getting ready process, of the venue before all the hullabaloo begins!

DEFINITELY get a shot of the ceremony area before the people fill it! If you are religious, it would be a really cool shot of the couple praying! Don’t forget to capture the little shots of the wedding cake too (before its cut and eaten!!)


Talk about the little moments

Talk about when you first met. Talk about the little things each other does that gives you butterflies or even the little things that annoy you but you still love! All these little things make for great commentary! Get shots of the parents of the bride and groom talking about memories of their child and even their first impression of the others significant other!


Capture all the big moments (and the small)

There are a ton of big moments at your wedding! The ceremony (of course…), the speeches, your first dance; but there are so many little moments that you don’t want to leave out! A great shot, that’s easily forgotten, is the send off! There is usually sparklers lit or rice thrown or SOMETHING that gets thrown when the bride and groom are sent off running to the car and driving away to start their life together and this would be a really unique, and cool, way to end the video(make sure there is good lighting)!  

Don’t forget video of getting ready, the bride getting makeup done. Get close up shots of the men fixing their ties and collars, the little moments of the bride and groom throughout the reception, and even shout outs from parents! Capture the flower girl and ring bearers running around, of the guests laughing and having a good time. All these moments added up make for a great wedding video!


Get different angles:

Think outside the box, get creative! Get close ups of the band if you have a live one, get shots of everyone throwing up their hands on the dance floor, shoot the ceremony from an angle rather than centered, get different shots of the the bride and groom saying their vows! Circle around the tables filled with laughing guests, get shots of the reception behind the glass (if there’s any windows or doors)! I may sound crazy with all these random ideas but the more artistic the shots, the better the video! When it comes to designing your dream wedding video, don’t be afraid to get super creative!


I hope these tips really help jumpstart the creative thinking process when it comes to designing your dream wedding video! I recommend going onto youtube and looking up wedding videos to see what others have done! Forestry Films and Hampton Road Studios have some great videos with great ideas!

Don’t forget to click on the Packages and Pricing link to see what package best fits your needs!!


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