Today, we’re excited to share that Weddeo is featured in a guest post on WeddingLovely!

WeddingLovely-blog-logoWritten by yours truly, the post has some fun ideas on where you could pretty safely cut from your budget, in order to afford some pretty awesome extras that would totally be worth it.

(Spoiler alert: We think DIY wedding videography would be a pretty great replacement for the cost of a traditional wedding videographer!)

Here’s a little sample of what you’ll find in the WeddingLovely post, titled “Cut Here, Splurge There: Budgeting for the Best and Skipping the Rest”:

One of the best ways to manage this is to think about some of the things that are most important to you as a couple, or that really speak to your personality. Are you foodies? Hiring the best caterer in the area might be something you consider. Are one or both of you known for your fashion sense? Donning a fabulous designer gown (or shoes!) could be where you direct a large chunk of change.

But sometimes, the only way to make any of these non-negotiables happen is to let something else go, or find a cheaper way to do it. So which areas of your budget would it be a safe bet to go with a less expensive option, in order to get something amazing in another? Here are a few ideas to consider, while still having an incredible wedding!

Are you intrigued? (If you’re a “Friends” fan, you know the answer is, “You’re flingin’-flangin’ right I am!”)

Click here to read the full post over on WeddingLovely!


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