Who doesn’t like a good deal? Weddings aren’t cheap, so wherever you can save a little bit, take advantage of it! Cheap wedding ideas are everywhere and hello, DIY is so in right now. You can pretty much find anything on Pinterest and they usually have a tutorial in the link. When in doubt, that is what YouTube is for! I am going to go over some pretty cool ideas for DIY or just cheap wedding ideas in general.

Rustic WeddingHaving a rustic themed wedding? This is where you can get really creative. Having an outdoor reception? Go to garage sales or even the salvation army and get a whole bunch of frames and take all the photos you have with your fiancé (engagement pictures would be super adorable) and get rope to hang the frames from a tree; it creates a beautiful backdrop. Another super cute idea that also involves pictures are compiling every picture you have together from each year you were together and framing them. You can probably go to the dollar store for cheap frames. Then you find a tree for each year you were together. Attach the frames to the tree for each year you were together and label the tree what year is what.

More cheap wedding ideas?

Try gathering white Christmas lights from all your friends to Cheap wedding ideaswrap around trees or even hang from trees!! Another cheap wedding ideas is take a tree stump (small in diameter), cut up pieces that look like coasters, and etch love quotes or bible verses; whatever floats your boat! Mason jars and candles. Enough said. Now, getting away from the DIY, have you thought of a beer tasting? I know I have mentioned this before, but it would cut down your alcohol bill tremendously. If you’re having a fall wedding, have ya thought about a caramel apple station? While you’re taking pictures, your guests can have fun and get a sweet treat! Just go to Costco or your local grocery store to pick up the materials! This is a better alternative to expensive catering!

Having a more elegant themed wedding?

Well there are some cheap wedding ideas for this too! For a cheap centerpiece, try doing away with the real flowers, they cost a pretty penny, and find realistic looking fake ones. Get a candle holder (the taller candle kind), and glue the foam ball onto the candle holder. Then, get a foam ball, cut the stems on the fake flowers and stick them in the foam ball. To add some finishing touches, get ribbon and wrap it around the candle holder and tie it into a bow! Walla! You have centerpiece! Something cute for any wedding theme would be to get a bunch of tongue depressors from your local craft store and a jar. Have a station where your guests write down date ideas! Or, create a box with your pictures around it and have an “advice” station where your guests can write down tips for your marriage! Are you a glitter girl? A great decoration would be to go to the dollar store, pick up multiple glass candle holders and then buy tacky glue; once you get a good layer of the glue onto the holder, put glitter on it and stick a candle inside!

There are so many cheap wedding ideas that you can use to maintain budget. How about a DIY wedding video? Getting a videographer for the wedding can be super expensive, and a lot of the time brides and grooms sadly have to remove it from the list; but you shouldn’t have to! Weddeo makes sure that you can capture all the memories from your big day to cherish forever at a very affordable price! You remember me saying DIY is in right? (;

Have fun with your planning and remember, never get too caught up in the stress that you forget to enjoy all the little moments that lead up to one of the biggest days of your life. Have fun and make memories!


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