Wedding makeup – get it done or do it myself?

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My beautiful bride putting on her makeup!

Let’s talk about the more fun wedding arrangements; wedding makeup! So there are so many looks, products, and options out there! To begin, the question of should I get it done or do it myself will come up. Yes, it would be nice to save a few bucks but it would be even nicer to have one less thing to stress about on our big day.

In my opinion, you are safer to go with a makeup artist (on site freelancer would be the better option) so you don’t have any accidents or have to stress about your wedding makeup not looking perfect the day of. It’s your big day!! You deserve to sit back with a glass of wine and have everything done for you. Its stress free, and not to mention fun! Luckily I will talk a little bit about both options!

Wedding makeup tutorial.

So if you do decide to go with doing your own makeup for your wedding, make sure you have the right products and tools. To begin, you are going to want to go to your nearest Ulta or Sephora and talk to a makeup consultant. Get their opinion on a good look to fit your features as well as products! I can’t stress enough the importance of getting the good (expensive) makeup. As a makeup artist, I have worked with all kinds of makeup for many different situations and you do not want to go with the drugstore brands on your wedding day, or any day really. Why? Because it will last a whole lot longer, look way better, it will be a better application, and won’t irritate you if you’re super sensitive. The company that I would recommend is Smashbox.

Why to chose makeup for your wedding from Smashbox?

Why Smashbox? Because it is HD makeup, meaning that your wedding makeup is going to come out FLAWLESS in your photos! I am partial to my IT Cosmetics CC cream so I recommend that as well. Also, getting good brushes; let me just say that the brush makes the look. If you have junky brushes, your wedding makeup will come out, well, junky. I’d look at the synthetic hair brushes. Remember, the more dense the brush, the thicker the look, the more fluffy the brush, the sheerer the look is. I have one more word for you before we move on; primer.

DO NOT go without using primer for your face and eyes; you will regret it once your face melts off halfway through your vows….

So, what’s trending?

To begin, let’s talk about contouring. The beauty queen herself, Kim Kardashian, has made this simple (yes, I really do mean simple) makeup trick boom! What is so great about contouring? It makes your features POP! Hello cheekbones!! Apply highlighter on all the high points of your face and BAM! You are glowing my dear! Another trend? Bold brows. Yes, thick brows are in and are making a statement! Now there are so many trending wedding makeup looks for brides that have been popular in 2014 and are being carried into the New Year! The classic cat eye is coming back though its being made more subtle. Too much? Tone it down by blending out the liner and adding a soft matte shadow.  In my opinion a soft smoky eye, whether it is matte or frosted, is a timeless look with a subtle cat eye. You know what they say, your wedding makeup should be an enhanced version of you and what you wear every day. That being said, the more natural look is in with applying just a base (foundation) and lashes with some gloss. On the other hand, color is also making a statement with colorful lips. Going with a pink or peach is a safe route to get a soft romantic look though reds are becoming increasingly popular with vintage making a comeback. Dark smoky eyes are for the daring and the brides who really want to make a statement! If you are feeling bold, the best colors to go with are your bronzy colors, golds if you want a warmer look or greys and silvers for a cooler look.

The most important part about picking your wedding makeup is making sure you pick what you are going to feel absolutely stunning in!

Go explore, try new looks, experiment! BUT, make sure you do a trial run to work out all the kinks and prevent any meltdowns from happening. Make sure you’re comfortable in what you choose because you want to feel confident! You do you! So, don’t stress, this is supposed to be one of the fun parts about planning a wedding!

 Wedding makeup sheet for skin types.

So I wanted to type up a general wedding makeup sheet for skin types if you decide to do it on your own.

Dry: Go with a liquid and no powder over. Putting a powder over only feeds to monster and makes the “scales” come out (those ewwwwwyyy dry flakes).  If you decide to contour I would go with a stick. Highlighter and blush are ok to go with powder but cream and liquid options are also offered (depending on the degree of dryness).

Combination Skin: You are one lucky duck because you can go with anything! I would recommend a liquid with a powder over your oily areas (T zone) and you can go with any form of bronzer, highlighter and blush.

Oily: Depending if you want a full coverage look or medium, there are a few things you can do. If you want a fuller coverage, go with a liquid but put powder over (an oil absorber would be best). If you are ok with a sheer or medium coverage look, go with a powder. For contouring, highlighting, and blush, go with powder.

Have fun with your planning and remember, never get too caught up in the stress that you forget to enjoy all the little moments that lead up to one of the biggest days of your life. Have fun and make memories!


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How about a DIY wedding video? Getting a videographer for the wedding can be super expensive, and a lot of the time brides and grooms sadly have to remove it from the list; but you shouldn’t have to! Weddeo not only makes sure that you can capture all the memories from your big day to cherish forever at a very affordable price but we help you capture the whole experience from engagement to the honey moon! You remember me saying DIY is in right? (;

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Cheap Wedding Ideas for Your Big Day

Rustic Wedding

Who doesn’t like a good deal? Weddings aren’t cheap, so wherever you can save a little bit, take advantage of it! Cheap wedding ideas are everywhere and hello, DIY is so in right now. You can pretty much find anything on Pinterest and they usually have a tutorial in the link. When in doubt, that is what YouTube is for! I am going to go over some pretty cool ideas for DIY or just cheap wedding ideas in general.

Rustic WeddingHaving a rustic themed wedding? This is where you can get really creative. Having an outdoor reception? Go to garage sales or even the salvation army and get a whole bunch of frames and take all the photos you have with your fiancé (engagement pictures would be super adorable) and get rope to hang the frames from a tree; it creates a beautiful backdrop. Another super cute idea that also involves pictures are compiling every picture you have together from each year you were together and framing them. You can probably go to the dollar store for cheap frames. Then you find a tree for each year you were together. Attach the frames to the tree for each year you were together and label the tree what year is what.

More cheap wedding ideas?

Try gathering white Christmas lights from all your friends to Cheap wedding ideaswrap around trees or even hang from trees!! Another cheap wedding ideas is take a tree stump (small in diameter), cut up pieces that look like coasters, and etch love quotes or bible verses; whatever floats your boat! Mason jars and candles. Enough said. Now, getting away from the DIY, have you thought of a beer tasting? I know I have mentioned this before, but it would cut down your alcohol bill tremendously. If you’re having a fall wedding, have ya thought about a caramel apple station? While you’re taking pictures, your guests can have fun and get a sweet treat! Just go to Costco or your local grocery store to pick up the materials! This is a better alternative to expensive catering!

Having a more elegant themed wedding?

Well there are some cheap wedding ideas for this too! For a cheap centerpiece, try doing away with the real flowers, they cost a pretty penny, and find realistic looking fake ones. Get a candle holder (the taller candle kind), and glue the foam ball onto the candle holder. Then, get a foam ball, cut the stems on the fake flowers and stick them in the foam ball. To add some finishing touches, get ribbon and wrap it around the candle holder and tie it into a bow! Walla! You have centerpiece! Something cute for any wedding theme would be to get a bunch of tongue depressors from your local craft store and a jar. Have a station where your guests write down date ideas! Or, create a box with your pictures around it and have an “advice” station where your guests can write down tips for your marriage! Are you a glitter girl? A great decoration would be to go to the dollar store, pick up multiple glass candle holders and then buy tacky glue; once you get a good layer of the glue onto the holder, put glitter on it and stick a candle inside!

There are so many cheap wedding ideas that you can use to maintain budget. How about a DIY wedding video? Getting a videographer for the wedding can be super expensive, and a lot of the time brides and grooms sadly have to remove it from the list; but you shouldn’t have to! Weddeo makes sure that you can capture all the memories from your big day to cherish forever at a very affordable price! You remember me saying DIY is in right? (;

Have fun with your planning and remember, never get too caught up in the stress that you forget to enjoy all the little moments that lead up to one of the biggest days of your life. Have fun and make memories!


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Picking Exciting Wedding Themes

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Oregon Wedding Video – Nick & Hanna Brown

Oregon Wedding Video

Our latest couple, Nick and Hanna Brown, used our 3 HD Camera Package to tell their story and create this great Oregon wedding video! We especially love all of the great shots with the cameras filming from different angles.  Thank you, Nick and Hanna, for letting us be part of your big day – we are so happy for you, and we wish you a wonderful and fun-filled marriage!


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Oregon Wedding Video

Picking exciting wedding themes.

Terri 596

So, probably the most exciting part of planning a wedding is picking between wedding themes. I mean, I have my wedding themes picked out along with plans for pretty much my entire wedding thanks to Pinterest. It’s pretty sad because I am not even engaged…. But most, if not all, girls dream about this day. The first thought that comes to mind, besides the wedding dress (OBVI) is the theme. So are you planning a wedding? Clearly you are, because you are currently reading this. Do you not know what theme you want for your wedding? Well, aren’t you lucky because we’re going to talk about the trending wedding themes in this post!

Wedding Themes - RusticOh good golly I am so flipping excited for what is currently trending!! Boho chic and rustic is in! So for all you hipsters out there, this is the year to get married. Now going from homey and intimate, we are looking at the opposite end of the spectrum to romantic and luxe.

Classic elegance is making a comeback. White and/or ivory with a burst of color or metallic are a great color scheme and screams sophistication. Soft lighting and ornate table settings are a great way to display this. Use a tall candelabra as the center piece to display roses; you could even add candles to give it a very romantic look along with draping pearls around it.

There’s a lot you can do with a boho rustic wedding theme. Ummmm beer sampler? Yes. This goes with the rustic theme along with keeping your alcohol budget low; just an idea.  Wooden tables and seating are preferred with this wedding theme to give a more rustic feel compared to the original round tables. Add twinkling lights as a backdrop for a warm cozy feel; I mean, who doesn’t like twinkling lights? It’ll also give it that more intimate feeling. Flowers along with candles in lanterns make a great center piece! Muted colors are in along with purples, but earthy tones are also a good choice for this wedding themes. You know what is so great about a boho chic wedding? There are so many DIY ideas you can do to save money! Who doesn’t want to save money…?

There are so many possibilities that you could do that we didn’t even cover in this article. There are so many different decoration ideas, menu selections, invitation ideas, and much much more. But remember, a wedding theme should reflect your personality! You can even combine themes, do something completely off the wall, or go with a classic; but when it comes down to it, you do you. Have fun with it, this is your day and what’s a better way than capturing that with video footage so you are able to look back? Order Weddeo now so you are able to pull out your top quality footage to watch on anniversaries or to just reminisce! Trust me, you’re going to want to capture every moment! Plus, using Weddeo, you get a very good price so you save money!

Have fun with your planning and remember, never get too caught up in the stress that you forget to enjoy all the little moments that lead up to one of the biggest days of your life. Have fun and make memories!

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Wedding Gift Etiquette: Don’t know what to do?

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Wedding Gift Etiquette: Don’t know what to do?

Noelle Mayer

Have any friends or family tying the knot? Don’t know what to get them? Don’t know how to even go about buying a gift for the love birds? Yeah, it can get frustrating. Wedding gift etiquette has a few simple rules. First of all, lets get to the logistics. You don’t want the engagement gift or the bridal shower gift to be more than the wedding gift. The wedding gift should be most of the budget and the bridal shower gift along with the engagement gift should be around equal amount of each other. The rule of thumb that I have found is that the wedding gift should be 60% and the engagement and bridal shower gift should be 20% each. For the actual wedding gift, money is the way to go.


Wedding Gift EtiquetteEvery wedding I have gone to I have not seen many gifts besides the cute little box of envelopes full of cash. After putting on a huge shindig they’re gonna need all the financial help they can get…. Can you say new house? Now, when you are looking at how much to spend or give, it should never be under $50. That’s rule one. Rule two, LOOK AT THE REGISTRY. It’s not rocket science, this takes all the stress out of trying to figure out what to get, unless you’re super indecisive and can’t even choose whether to get the towel set or new dinnerware.


So, if you can’t decide, a group gift is the way to go! Now don’t decide to do a group gift because you’re indecisive, though it’s a great cop out, but group gifts are getting increasingly popular for bridal shower gifts! The couple can go out and get the small stuff easily; it’s the big stuff that they really need. Also, get the gift early so you have dibs at all the good stuff! When do you give the gift? Yes you do have one year from the wedding to be able to give a gift, but within two months is more appropriate.


Please don’t forget that less than half of all brides won’t have a wedding video but nearly all couples recommend that brides to be get a wedding video.  It is a must have.  Give a Weddeo as a group gift!


So, lets talk about wedding gift etiquette in regards to gift money.


When it comes to wedding gift etiquette, there is an amount associated with the relationship of the newly weds. If you are giving to a co worker around $75+ is usually customary. If you’re a relative or a friend of the couple, $100+ is a safe amount. Now, if you are a close relative or a close friend, $125+ is a pretty good place to start. If you bring a guest, you should give a little more because the bride and groom are going to be paying for you and your guest; it’s only polite. One more thing; you may be questioning whether or not to give less money if you have to travel to get to the wedding. The answer is yes, it is ok! The bride and groom should understand that it was expensive to travel all that way and should appreciate that you were willing to travel all that way! BUT you HAVE to give a gift regardless; it is only proper wedding gift etiquette.


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