Wedding Gift Etiquette: Don’t know what to do?

Noelle Mayer

Have any friends or family tying the knot? Don’t know what to get them? Don’t know how to even go about buying a gift for the love birds? Yeah, it can get frustrating. Wedding gift etiquette has a few simple rules. First of all, lets get to the logistics. You don’t want the engagement gift or the bridal shower gift to be more than the wedding gift. The wedding gift should be most of the budget and the bridal shower gift along with the engagement gift should be around equal amount of each other. The rule of thumb that I have found is that the wedding gift should be 60% and the engagement and bridal shower gift should be 20% each. For the actual wedding gift, money is the way to go.


Wedding Gift EtiquetteEvery wedding I have gone to I have not seen many gifts besides the cute little box of envelopes full of cash. After putting on a huge shindig they’re gonna need all the financial help they can get…. Can you say new house? Now, when you are looking at how much to spend or give, it should never be under $50. That’s rule one. Rule two, LOOK AT THE REGISTRY. It’s not rocket science, this takes all the stress out of trying to figure out what to get, unless you’re super indecisive and can’t even choose whether to get the towel set or new dinnerware.


So, if you can’t decide, a group gift is the way to go! Now don’t decide to do a group gift because you’re indecisive, though it’s a great cop out, but group gifts are getting increasingly popular for bridal shower gifts! The couple can go out and get the small stuff easily; it’s the big stuff that they really need. Also, get the gift early so you have dibs at all the good stuff! When do you give the gift? Yes you do have one year from the wedding to be able to give a gift, but within two months is more appropriate.


Please don’t forget that less than half of all brides won’t have a wedding video but nearly all couples recommend that brides to be get a wedding video.  It is a must have.  Give a Weddeo as a group gift!


So, lets talk about wedding gift etiquette in regards to gift money.


When it comes to wedding gift etiquette, there is an amount associated with the relationship of the newly weds. If you are giving to a co worker around $75+ is usually customary. If you’re a relative or a friend of the couple, $100+ is a safe amount. Now, if you are a close relative or a close friend, $125+ is a pretty good place to start. If you bring a guest, you should give a little more because the bride and groom are going to be paying for you and your guest; it’s only polite. One more thing; you may be questioning whether or not to give less money if you have to travel to get to the wedding. The answer is yes, it is ok! The bride and groom should understand that it was expensive to travel all that way and should appreciate that you were willing to travel all that way! BUT you HAVE to give a gift regardless; it is only proper wedding gift etiquette.


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Another Affordable DIY Wedding Video

Crowd Sourced DIY Wedding Video

This crowd sourced DIY wedding video was shot by Kaylee and Brian on the shores of Mackinac Island in northern Michigan.  This fun couple truly enjoyed their special day and is a model for fun weddings everywhere!  You can’t help but wish you were there when you feel the happy vibe at their wedding.  We are very grateful to have served as a part of preserving this wedding day for them for years to come!

Order your DIY wedding video today!

Order your DIY wedding video today!

How to design a dream wedding video

Paypal small logo Weddeo Wedding Videography

Now that you’re engaged and officially ready to plan your wedding, it’s time to design a dream wedding video…one that will capture all the details you’ve been dreaming about for so long.

Here are some of our top tips to design a dream wedding video:

Start with the big picture. Think ahead to when you’re celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary. Maybe you’re at a big party with all of your friends and family, or it’s just the two of you, snuggled up and ready to re-live the best day of your lives. What do you want to see? You and your bridesmaids getting ready for the big day? Your groom’s face just as you’re walking down the aisle? Your grandparents dancing? The way your cake-cutting ceremony turned into an epic food fight? Thinking about these elements now (and then creating a list of them) will help make sure your wedding video DVD has all the most important memories for you.

Talk with your videographer about what’s most important to you. When they know what will make you happiest, they’ll know what to look for and might even be able to help arrange some of the most video-worthy situations to help design a dream wedding video.

Make your wedding and reception video-friendly. Spend some time in both spaces and try to visualize how everything will be set up. Are there any large or oddly-shaped items that might be in the way for the big moments? Will it be easy for your videographer to get some great shots without interrupting the action? Does your videographer know where you would be okay with him/her standing to get the best footage during crucial moments like the ring exchange, first kiss and wedding toasts? While part of your videographer’s job is to figure these out, a little extra communication never hurts.

Designate a photo-savvy friend to look for great shots. Almost everyone has one – that friend that just has an eye for photography and seems to always get great shots, no matter the situation. If they’ll be at your wedding, ask them if they would be willing to keep an eye out for any especially amazing opportunities as they occur at your wedding – and then have them notify your videographer. (It might also help to let your videographer know that you’ve appointed someone to this role, so he/she knows this person has your blessing to provide these tips!)

Don’t forget the little moments. In our experience, we’ve found that it’s the little moments that often tell the story of your wedding day. From singing along with your girls on the way to the ceremony to your brother and your father both doing the worm on the dance floor in their tuxes (true story), it’s these crazy little elements that you often find yourself remembering the most – and wanting to see again. Even if you have a professional videographer, might we suggest having a few extra cameras on hand to capture these memories? We offer a range of Weddeo camera packages to fit your wedding budget.

What else do you think is important to design a dream wedding video?

Getting cheap wedding video…that doesn’t look cheap

You need a cheap wedding video. We know. We’ve been there.

The average cost of a wedding videographer is more than $1,500 [source], but your budget says that’s just not possible.

Combined with the expenses of must-have items – such as, oh, I don’t know, ceremony and reception space, food and a dress – it’s no wonder that many couples end up cutting out wedding videography from their budget!

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Filming your own wedding video is an option more and more couples are choosing for their wedding.

But how can you film your wedding cheaply…without it looking cheap?

Here are some tips:

  • Get closer. It’s fine to use the zoom function on a video camera, but the farther away the camera is (and the more zooming you have to do), the lower the quality of the video. Get closer to the action without interfering in it. Another benefit of getting closer? Better audio quality.
  • Stay steady. Great video can be compromised by an unsteady hand. To help combat this, consider using a tripod, or prop up your arm on the back of a chair placed in front of you. If neither are an option, try supporting the elbow of the hand holding the camera with your opposite hand.
  • Move slowly and smoothly. When moving the camera around – perhaps to capture a room full of guests, the wedding party during the ceremony or some of the scenery – make sure to move the camera in a slow and fluid motion. Whipping the camera back and forth makes it more difficult to capture the scene you’re trying to film, and you’re much more likely to end up with shaky or sloppy video. Move slower than you think you need to!
  • Focus on the bride. Sorry, fellas; we definitely want some footage of you, too – but when in doubt, your appointed videographer(s) should point the camera toward the bride. So much of the emotion of the day will likely be expressed through her, and most grooms agree that they would like more video of their beautiful bride.

Following these steps should greatly increase your chances of getting good quality yet cheap wedding video with the help of a few family members or friends!

Ready to make this happen for your wedding (and budget)? Click here to find out how Weddeo can help with the video cameras and compiling all that fun footage into one beautiful keepsake DVD.