Aloha my fellow beach lovers! This article is going to be about beach wedding ideas so planning your beach wedding will become a breeze! Sea what I did there? I know, I can be punny. So moving forward, there are so many beach wedding ideas you can do and that is what I want to narrow down today! We are going to talk about beach wedding ideas for the ceremony, during the ceremony, and for the reception! Beach Wedding Ideas Before Ceremony

  1. Beach wedding attire is completely different than a normal wedding ceremony. Have a sign you stick in the sand that says something cute such as “shoes here” with an arrow and then “vows here” with another arrow! Simply but something cute and it’ll make your guests for more comfortable if they choose to go barefoot!
  2. While your guests are waiting for the big ceremony, set out a glass bottle, paper, and a sharpie and have people write “marriage words of wisdom” then stick them in the bottle. Then you will have your own person messages in a bottle filled with marital advice!
  3. You know how you have pamphlets out that have the itinerary for the wedding? Well, have you thought about putting it on a thicker piece of paper or cardboard and sticking them on a tongue depressor so your guests have their own personal fan? While you guests are waiting for the ceremony to start (even during the ceremony) the sun is going to get HOT. This is a cheap and cool way to keep your guests comfortable and focused on you two rather than how much their sweating at the ceremony.

Beach Wedding Ideas During the Ceremony

  1. Beach weddings tend to be, you know, sunny. At least that’s what everyone hopes for anyways. It’s polite to be mindful of this and provide sunglasses at the ceremony (it would be cute to order them personalized with you and your fiance’s names and date of the wedding) and put a cute sign up where people can pick them up that says, “don’t let our love blind you!”
  2. So this idea is solely for the bride! Instead of wearing nice shoes on the beach, have you ever thought of getting foot jewelry? It wraps around your ankles and connects to your toe and they vary much in design and materials! It will look a little more elegant instead of going barefoot but you will be comfortable and not ruin a good pair of shoes! And let’s be real, you won’t accidently trip on your way down the aisle!
  3. The sand ceremony is pretty typical not just for a beach wedding but for any wedding! But, it fits the theme a lot better with a beach wedding! For those of you who don’t know this tradition, it’s where the bride and the groom both have a cup of sand (different colors) that they pour symbolically into the same container expressing their new live as one! Not only is it a beautiful idea for the ceremony, but it’s a nice keepsake for your new home together and serves as a reminder that you’re in this together.

Beach Wedding Ideas for the Reception

  1. A cute and cheap gift you can give your guests are candle shells! All you need for this is a bunch of shells and tea candles! Melt the wax of the candles and pour it into the shell, then stick the wick in!
  2. SPARKLERS! Not only will the kids enjoy this, but the adults will too! You could capture some really cool pictures as well with this! Have buckets of sparklers and lighters and when the sun goes down, light up the night! You can even have something cheesy written on the buckets of sparklers like, “you light up my world!”
  3. Everyone always does the traditional cake or a sweet bar but have you thought about a s’more bar? light up some fires on the beach or have a station that can provide fire so your guests can enjoy a nice gooey, summer treat!

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