When you’re looking to cut costs without missing out on the wedding fun, there are some sweet ways to still record every moment of your big day. Many brides are looking for alternative ways to get video for wedding. You don’t have to go all out and spend thousands on a killer wedding videographer. There are ways to still book the most amazing photographer and capture all the amazing moments of your big day. Below are some sincerely sweet ways you can treasure your wedding day over and over on one incredible video without breaking the bank.

Go Pro with Weddeo

When you choose a fun, interactive wedding videography package from Weddeo you get an amazing way to capture your entire wedding day experience for less. With your wedding videography package, you can choose from packages that feature:  4 HD cameras + app, professionally-edited video on DVD, one-click sharing of your video for social media, up to 8 hours of filming time, your raw footage, and more! You won’t miss a moment when the people you love are capturing your total wedding experience.

We’ll go through all the footage for you and put our professional editors to work on creating the perfect wedding video for you to cherish for years to come. You should also add a few fun elements to your wedding videography like apps and wedding booths right? You can afford to go all out when you go all out with Weddeo alternative wedding videography.

Get Your Guests Involved In Instagram Fun

alternative ways to get video for wedding

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Your guests know you best, right? Why not invite them to all download the free app from Weddeo here https://getweddeo.com/ and help you capture every single crazy, amazing moment of your big day. You and your partner should plan ahead by creating your very own hashtag. Give the guests a link and the hashtag, and you’ll get all your mini videos in one spot. The best part about Weddeo is that you get HD cameras with your app, so guests can also help you video all the great moments to include in the final cut. Our app makes it easy for wedding videotaping.

Give Your Guests Sweet Ideas

Wedding videographers highlight all of the best moments. Don’t be afraid to give your alternative wedding videographers a little direction. Encourage them to film moments like the first dance, cake cutting, ‘I do’, and the send-off. Of course, you can give them fun directions as well like grandma toasting the bride and groom, kids dancing the night away, and the bridesmaids getting down with the bride on the dance floor.

Wedding Booth Fun

Create your own themed wedding booth fun! We’ve got some sincerely sweet wedding booth ideas here https://getweddeo.com/wedding-photo-booth-ideas/. Wedding booths are a great way to get really creative on a wedding videography budget. However, don’t just get creative with the theme of the wedding video booth, you can also get creative with the style wedding video you want to create. Encourage guests to record slow-motion of everyone dancing, truth or dare, and even the classic wish list for the bride and groom’s life together.


You film, we edit! It’s that simple when it comes to epic wedding videography full or romantic memories to last a lifetime. More alternative ways to get video for wedding.

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