Hello brides (and grooms!)! So, there are a lot of moments when planning a wedding that go uncaptured and unremembered don’t ya think? Wedding planning can be hectic and stressful so as the bride (or groom) you aren’t really savoring every moment. Time fly’s by and so do moments, but memories, memories last a lifetime! So the real question is, why would you want to let them just go by?! There are so many memories pre wedding that you’re going to want to remember! So why not capture all that pre wedding fun?! In case you don’t know where to begin, here are some pre-wedding video ideas to get you started!

You may already know about all the awesomeness that the Weddeo app is! So you can get the Weddeo app with a package or you can just get it on its own! First purchase the package and we will give you a name that you type in when you click “add wedding”. The wedding name would typically be your last name/your fiance’s last name and then you can capture videos and pictures throughout the wedding planning process all the way to the honeymoon! Cool, I know! Then we compile everything and professionally edit it to return to you an incredible video for you to cherish for forever!


1. The Proposal
So if you’re a groom reading this, you’re welcome. What a great way to capture your bride-to-be’s reaction and remember this moment for forever?! If you’re a fiance-to-be, you can start dropping hints to your boyfriend about this idea! It is a moment you never want to forget so why wouldn’t you capture it on the Weddeo App? I know what your thinking, what a great pre-wedding video idea! I know I know, I’m a genius :P

2. Telling the Friends and Family
Besides all the excitement after saying “yes!” one of the most exciting parts of getting engaged is telling all your family and friends! It would be such an exciting memory to capture and have to reminisce for forever! This pre-wedding video idea is something super special to capture and I feel like to goes un noticed a lot so don’t forget to pop open your Weddeo app to capture all the reactions!

pre-wedding video

3. Saying Yes to the Dress!
What a special pre-wedding video moment to capture! That first look in the mirror and the moment you knew that that was the one, what a sweet moment to remember!

pre-wedding video

4. Engagement Photos
How fun would it be to have a video of getting a behind the scenes look at your engagement photos?! Capture all the bloopers with the Weddeo app!

5. The Wedding Shower
I mean what a better way to remember who got you what? Just kidding, but really it’s a big part of your pre-wedding celebration and it would be nice for it to be captured!

6. The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party (or not….)
This you may or may not want to capture for your Weddeo video haha… Don’t party it up too much.. You’re going to want to remember this night and a great way to do that is to capture it on the Weddeo app! Remember, it’s on camera so you’re not going to want to do anything too questionable…. ;P

pre-wedding video

7. The Rehearsal Dinner

For this last pre-wedding video idea, lets talk about the rehearsal dinner. This is one of the most special nights and you wouldn’t want to miss capturing any of it! Capture all the bloopers and fun memories of your last day before you say “I do!”

It’s great to have a wedding video from the day of, but why not make your wedding video unique with all the pre wedding shenanigans?! There is so much pre-wedding video fun that you’re going to want to capture and remember!! Besides all the pre wedding videos, don’t forget to capture moments from your honeymoon too! Video all you adventures! Our Weddeo app doesn’t just capture the big day, it captures the beginning of the rest of your life and all aspects that contribute to it! So why go with Weddeo rather than another company? Because we don’t just get one day, we capture your whole beginning.


Don’t forget to capture the whole story of your wedding day! You can capture it with the Weddeo app or one of the professional HD cameras that we provide! Click on the “Packages and Pricing” link  to check out our packages!

Learn more about Weddeo here!

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