So perhaps your wedding nails are the last thing you’re thinking of right now. And with stress being arguably the number one reason why we cause trauma to our nail beds, it really makes sense why we don’t think about them. But our wedding nails are the finishing touch on the entire bridal look. Here are 5 things to keep in mind while we prep our hands and nails for the big day.Wedding Nails

1. Keep your hands moisturized

So sure, we’re talking about wedding NAILS, but our hands are the entire package. A set of perfectly manicured nails can be often overshadowed by dry, cracked, skin. This is especially hard to do when it’s February and the temperatures are inching toward the negatives. Keep a good moisturizer in your purse and make sure to lather on whenever you feel your hands becoming a little rough. Not only will you feel better, but your skin will look absolutely radiant… especially when the camera zooms in on your unity candle lighting.


This one is a hard one, but is essential to the perfect set of wedding nails. Even if you decide to get a set of acrylics for the big day, kicking the habit is just as important. Not only are you depositing the germs from your mouth onto your hands and vice versa, but you’re weakening your nail beds. Grab a piece of gum when you’re feeling nervous and stressed. It’ll keep your mouth busy, and your hands saliva-free.

3. Go natural (within reason)

In the past, a bride’s first instinct might be to resort to acrylic wedding nails. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it is potentially damaging to the overall health of your nail. Excessive drilling and pressure on your nails can make for a rough healing process for your nails after your wedding. If you’re convinced on a full acrylic set for your wedding nails, then go for it, girl. But if not, there are numerous options that keep your nails fresh and together without as much damage. Check out UV gel manicures. The polish lasts without chipping for about two weeks and does far less damage than a set of acrylics.

4. Length matters

The length of your wedding nails can really demonstrate the overall style you’re going for. If you’re aiming for an “edgier” look, then a set of longer nails could really suit you. But if you’re going for simple wedding nails, the more conservative length, the better. But bear in mind that the longer you go for your wedding nails, the more at risk you ar for breaking one at the altar. If you can manage it, try to keep your nails at a length that would prevent them from getting caught on your veil. It’ll save you a lot of pain, money, frustration, and embarrassment.

5. Match the color to your style

If you’re going for simplicity and tradition with a white/ivory dress, make sure your wedding nails match that. Bright red nails might look interesting against a simple A-line gown, but if your aim is simplicity, this might not be the best option. Neutrals, or even a french manicure, will keep your hands looking clean and presentable without distracting from the rest of the ensemble. But if your aim is to present yourself nontraditionally, an accent color could work perfectly. So long as you’re mindful of the overall style of your dress and wedding, your wedding nails will match perfectly.


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