Giving a group wedding gift is a great way to ensure a really “wow!” moment from the bride and groom; it helps you give some of the most amazing gifts the newlyweds would be excited to receive, without personally breaking the bank.

I mean, who wouldn’t be thrilled to unwrap a giant gift, or one that the couple thought was a total long shot for their registry? (And who wouldn’t be thrilled to be the one giving it?)

If you have a lot of weddings to attend in a year, or if you’d just like to make your budget go a little farther, a group wedding gift is a great way to go.

(Pro tip: Just be sure to set – and agree upon – a specific price point with the entire group before the purchase, just to make sure there are no misunderstandings. Don’t add guilt to that amazing gift!)

Here are some great ideas for a group wedding gift:

Cookware set. This is usually the most expensive (and most wanted) item on a wedding registry, so it makes sense to chip in for as a group wedding gift – because seriously, who has that kind of money by themselves to drop on a wedding gift? (Besides maybe the bride and groom’s parents…and they’re probably already shelling out enough!)

Giant electric mixer: You know the kind I’m talking about – and you know it’s going to make her eyes light up when she unwraps it, especially if she loves to bake. This is a big win for everyone.

Grill: For a couple that loves to throw outdoor parties, can you imagine how excited they would be to open up a brand-new grill for all the barbecues they’ll host as newlyweds? Definitely a showstopper!

Honeymoon experiences: If you know where the couple will be honeymooning, some add-ons to make their trip extra-special would make for a great group wedding gift – think couples massages, scuba diving lessons, dinner at one of the fanciest restaurants in the area…there are many options, and most locations will allow you to purchase a gift certificate that you can give at either the bridal shower or wedding reception – or just pay ahead and let the couple know in a handwritten card. (Just make sure they know to open it before their honeymoon!)

Wedding video: Maybe this a wedding budget item that just didn’t make the cut, or maybe they just never got around to scheduling a videographer (speaking from experience here, folks – it happens!). Why not give them the priceless gift of a fun and unique wedding video they can laugh and cry over for years to come? Weddeo makes it easy for you to take care of everything for them – the cameras are shipped right to the doorstep of someone in the group wedding gift party, and then you can all spend the day capturing some of the best moments of their big day, including personal video messages from your group. (Bonus points if you make sure members of the wedding party have cameras and the Weddeo app on their phones for getting all the wedding-prep shots!) After the wedding day is over, all you have to do is send back the cameras in the same box and we’ll start creating an amazing wedding video for the newlyweds. Not much can top that!

What other awesome group wedding gift ideas have you seen before? Share them in the comments below – then watch some of our Weddeo real wedding videos to see how amazing a Weddeo wedding gift would be!

You know how 80% of couples go without these memories because of cost... Weddeo fixed this problem for you!

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